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September 19, 2015


This one was recorded during the "More Than Meets The Eye" sessions.
First recorded just as a "test/warm up song", at some point, it was considered as a possible bonus track, but finally ended up unreleased and was only used for airplay.

Cool version anyway. Enjoy!




July 31, 2015

People often ask about the name "Twin Figures Studio". So just look at what stands on the main monitors... 

Who would have guessed Patrick was a horror movies fan? :D

Patrick Hemer

July 19, 2015

Mr. Bruno J. Frank (ex Horizon, ex Nemesis) confirmed as the bass player on Patrick's next album.

Patrick Hemer

June 26, 2015

Latest single "BRAINWASHED" available from any major download store.

Patrick Hemer : guitar & vocals

David Casanova : keyboards & background vocals

Bruno J. Frank : bass & background vocals

Oliver "Sticks" Canton : drums & background vocals

May 18, 2015

One of Patrick's favorite songs from the "More Than Meets The Eye" album.

Get "More Than Meets The Eye" directly from Nightmare Records' online store :

April 25, 2015

Renewing with an old friend - namely a 1994 Gibson Explorer - to record bluesy leads for a new song.

Patrick Hemer

April 15, 2015


Patrick's new baby arrived home yesterday.

DiMarzio pickups, Floyd Rose Original 7 tremolo, looks like nothing less than the ultimate shred machine!

Patrick Hemer

March 21, 2015

Using this cool little thing called the FretWrap to track solos now.

Definitely more effective than the usual hair tie and much more convenient than the old string cloth...

Check it out at

Patrick Hemer

February 11, 2015

Check out Patrick playing his solo for the song "Deep in Space" from Danny Grawbarger's "Only the Beginning" EP also featuring guest appearances by Glen Drover (Megadeth, King Diamond, Queensryche) and Chris Poland (Megadeth, Ohm).

January 19, 2015


Check out Patrick's interview with Pure Grain Audio and discover the secrets behind his awesome Marshall sound:

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Horizon When The Night Falls re-released

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